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Had so much fun with Jason and Whitney! Those guys really know their stuff, and teaching an old horse new tricks can be a real disaster, but I had a great time. Ladies, these guys can teach women without all that macho stuff that makes us uncomfortable. If you're thinking of taking a class, my advice is: Don't Wait! Once you take their class, you can't look at a dirt trail and not think to yourself "I want to ride that!" Thanks again, guys, I'll be taking another class of yours when I want to better my skills. :)

-Vicky S. 55 / Tri-Cities, WA

Nothing short of awesome!!! Jason and Brandon provided private lessons for my family (wife 39, brother 31, son 9) and me (38). The range and coaches are everything you could ever want. Jason knew exactly how to coach me out of some ‘bad’ street bike habits and was able to patiently break down skills so they were easy to execute. Everyone who attended was blown away by the great experience today :-) thanks fellas!

-Force T. 38 / Tulalip

I had a great time learning a lot of new information to help transfer some of my "seasoned " street abilities over to off road. A very humbling experience ; ) but that is exactly why I decided to take the Level II class to gather more information and experience to become a better/safer rider while out on my adventure rides. Our groups instructor Jason was very hands on, informative, encouraging making sure everyone understood the principles that were being taught! I will definitely be looking forward to the next class that I will be able to take.

-Gary P. 58 / Tulalip

Took the ADV class with Jason. I thought it was better to learn on my Africa Twin, since that was what I would be riding. After watching me ride it for a few minutes, Jason recommended trying a few things on a smaller bike. I was immediately more comfortable and confident. I elected to stay on the smaller bike all day. I recently went on a ride with my Africa Twin and found the training I received on the smaller bike was immediately transferable and made me a much better and more confident rider. Thanks to Jason and his training.

-Mark S. 59 / Puyallup

Jason not only worked with my son thru out the night, but he also loaned us parts off his own bike ,so my son could continue racing in the main events. Jason did an evaluation on my son last night at arennacross , he saw in ten minutes things i have not picked up on in 10 years of watching my son ride and race. The improvemental was immediate , & my son's confidence was increasing with each lap. Jason really went above and beyond for us and I could see his passion for teaching and riding. We can't wait to get more instruction . Whitney is great as well, we just didn't get much time with him, do to being at the race track. I highly recommend booking as many classes as you can . It is well worth your investment. Thank you guys. We look forward to working together.

-Eric C. 38 / Monroe arenacross

Such an awesome experience! The structure of the program is set up so well you can see your progress throughout the class and practice those skills that you feel are lacking. The hands on training provided by the instructors is wonderful: they are extremely patient, very knowledgeable, and eager to help you become the better rider we all want to be. I very much recommend any of the classes provided for your skill level!

-Stephanie W. 27 / Marysville

Grew up with a dirt bike that I rode daily. Stopped riding dirt in my late teens. Got back into riding street more than 10 years ago and ride a lot. All that adds up to YEARS of bad habits for riding dirt the way it should be ridden to be safe. Enter Dirt Bike Safety Training with Jason and Carrie. We rode at the site near Tulalip and I can't recommend it enough. The dirt there is magic. The most confidence inspiring possible. And that doesn't mention the real jewels! The instructors were fun and engaging. They made me want to practice a skillset even though it was challenging. Just sign up for the appropriate class for you. And practice after you go!

-Paul K. 44 / 98290

Used to ride off-road motorcycles in the 70’s & early 80’s but had not been on one for 35+ yrs! Decided to give the Level 2 class a try with some reservations that I’d be holding the others up. But thanks to the spacious facility, well-designed curriculum and excellent instruction, it worked out just fine. I did the package wherein DBST provides the bike and all the equipment and was particularly grateful for the helmet - which helped hide the silly grin that otherwise would have been evident to all, all day long. Thanks, DBST. Heartily recommend your course to anyone looking to learn how to ride a bike; brush up on their skills; or take their riding to the next level.

-Dean H. 59 / Everett WA

Well, I had a difficult time with execution, but, not because of the instructions! Whitney and Jason are great teachers! I just need to practice practice practice! Very professional and patient! I learned so much and need to, like I said above, practice. Great class with a bunch of nice ladies and instructors! Glad I did it!

-Shirley O. 65 / Hood River OR

Our 5 year old daughter Bryn took the beginner class with Jason. I can't thank him enough for his patience and excellent teaching skills. She's now hooked and has her own PW50 and can't wait to take another class. Troy

-Troy H. 49 / Edmonds

I've been riding daily on the street for years, so I was honestly pretty surprised how much I learned, and how much I still need to learn, from the level 2 dirt class. There was a lot of great information packed into the day, all of which is focused on being a more proficient and safer rider. In between the drills there's time to practice on the trail and apply what you just learned. This class wore me out and left me exhausted, and was worth every penny! If you're on the fence, sign up and I'm confident you won't regret it.

-Keith T. 47 / Redmond, WA

Terrific training and instructors. One of us did the Level 1 course while another did the Level 2 and we were all happy. Instructors Sherman and David were friendly, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, funny, and seemed to genuinely want everyone to learn, improve skills, and have a good time. Mission accomplished!

-Scott 55 / Tulalip course (Coupeville home)

I'm normally a rider in the middle of the pack, not the fastest, but I can handle pretty much any type of single track. Went into the level 2 class expecting to learn a few tricks, maybe a new way of doing something, at the least I'd have a fun day on two wheels, but what could I really learn, right? Boy was I wrong, way wrong, well I still had a great day on my bike, but I couldn't believe how many things I was doing wrong. From the start it was obvious the instructors where excited to help, and fully vested in your learning and saftey. Every drill we ran was designed to build confidence, slowly adding things to make your riding base better. Can't wait to practice more and use what I've learned. I'll be taking the level 3 class later, can't wait to see what improvements that will bring!

-Cassidy S. 38 / Tulalip

Jason Thank you for the training. My desert race seemed much smoother as my turns/corners went better. I heard your voice telling me to keep my elbows up and sit forward. I still had some get offs but I believe they were due to me getting tired. Not a fast time as I rode with a first timer (granddaughter) but we both got the “I finished” t shirt. Will be in touch for more training for my wife. Take care

-Mike C. 66 / Clarkston, WA

I took the Level I and II courses a month into learning to ride, and, a year later, I can say they were the best thing I did to improve my riding. The clear instruction combined with the controlled low traction environment reveal so much about the fundamentals of good riding (lean angle, body position, traction management, ...). Also, the dirt experience prepared me to turn down fire roads and rip on some fun light adventure rides. I took Level II again a year later as a refresher / skill assessment. Definitely worth coming back to the course more than once as so much is covered and the instructors will find ways to push you. Also, it's just plain fun. Friendly atmosphere. Small class sizes. A single track course with swoopy turns and just enough sticker bushes to keep your adrenaline up.

-Marc 33 / Seattle, WA

My son (12) and I attended the class on Sunday. The instruction and training was exactly what we needed to get on bikes on our own. Such a great curriculum! Whitney worked with us on some great drills and is such a great resource. We are excited to get on the bikes and hit the dirt soon! Practice, practice, practice! Thanks again, Jim 44/ Brandon 12

-JIm B. 44 / Snoqualmie

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