2024 Touratech Rally Fridays class- Dirt First Washington

World Class Rider Training

Be Better On Your Bike

Come learn why our "V" of traction methods help our Adventure riding students gain incredible results of control, build the highest of confidence and experience considerably less fatigue while riding on or off-road. Simply put, our methods help our students gain 5 times the amount of control with 25% of the effort once your muscle memory sets in.

What you will learn from Dirt First Washington by DBST, LLC.

  • Learn how the ergonomics of your Adventure bike and correct body position will control the outcome of your best results.
  • Proper sitting corners.
  • Proper power braking.
  • How to keep your body centered on your adventure bike for maximum result.
  • Proper standing turns. Learn to lean your adventure bike with confidence.
  • Learn the 3 ways of how to turn your adventure bike with confidence.
  • Proper hill climbing while controlling the modulation of your clutch and throttle.
  • Proper body position while side hilling your adventure bike.
  • How to confidently ride your adventure bike through single track trails.
  • The 3 axis of movement on your adventure bike for ultimate control.
  • Traction control and hand placement.

Friday - 9:30 AM - Dirt First Washington Adventure Bike Training

Arrive early and join Dirt First Washington's Adventure Bike Training: Open to new and advanced riders. We will ride together through a series of the above skill-building exercises to help unlock your potential while honing your skills to maximize your riding experience, at the rally and beyond.

Get your training out of the way before the guided rides on Friday and Saturday to maximize your weekend of fun.

Plan to bring your Dual-sport or Adventure Bike for this one as we will be heading out on public forest service roads for a self-guided ride.

4+ hours

Incentives to register early:

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  • $199 until Mar 30th
  • $265 After April 1.

We look forward to riding with you soon,


2024 Touratech Rally Fridays class- Dirt First Washington

Jun 28th